COVER MODEL by Devon Hartford

COVER MODEL by Devon Hartford AZ sm

Cover Model by Devon Hartford Available August 14th, 2015

They called him Connor HUGE.

Connor Hughes f**ked his way through every girl in my high school.

Except me.

We hated each other.

That arrogant a**hole insulted me, tormented me, and ruined me without ever laying a finger on me.

After graduating near the top of my class, I escaped to UCLA, got my degree, and threw myself into a career as a serious journalist. But I never forgot the damage Connor did.

At least I’ll never have to see him again.

Until my editor at Trending Magazine tasks me with writing a tell-all article about Connor. Turns out my insufferable bad boy nemesis grew into the ultra-gorgeous model whose perfect body steams up the covers of half the romance novels on the bestseller lists.

Now I’m stuck shadowing him all weekend long at the world’s largest Romance Convention. I’m forced to watch in disgust as 45,000 women throw themselves at him and worship his shirtless body while he taunts me incessantly.

We hate each other as much today as we did seven years ago. But I can’t stop stealing glances at his perfect abs and perfect a**.

My better judgment tells me to drop everything and run, but something deep inside me is dying to know if he’s as HUGE as the rumors…

***Cover Model is a steamy standalone with an HEA***

COVER MODEL by Devon Hartford will release on August 14th, 2015


Every New Adult plot EVER, according to Devon Hartford

Every New Adult Plot EVER by Devon Hartford

Every New Adult Plot EVER by Devon Hartford

I was out for a jog the other day, and I found myself thinking about the  themes and tropes and plot mechanics common to many New Adult novels. I wanted to see if I could boil everything down to the essentials, and this is the recipe I came up with. Sure, there’s plenty of books that diverge from this recipe, and few hit this exact formula, but I’ll bet you can think of one or ten books you’ve read that match up pretty darn close. Even a few Devon Hartford novels! Gasp! Guilty as charged.

The good news is, the reason formulas happen is because PEOPLE LIKE THEM!! Imagine that. :-D

What do you peeps think about my formula? Have I hit the nail on the head, or have I missed the mark by a country mile? Share you thoughts in the comments below, and I promise I’ll respond with a non-formulaic reply. ;-)

Or you can just rush out and read a Devon Hartford novel and see how it measures up to my recipe. ;-)