Stepbrother Obsessed hits #1 on Amazon UK Coming of Age fiction!!

Stepbrother Obsessed by Devon Hartford on Amazon UK

Stepbrother Obsessed by Devon Hartford on Amazon UK

I’m gobsmacked! My latest New Adult novel, Stepbrother Obsessed by yours truly, Devon Hartford, just hit #1 on Amazon UK for Coming of Age fiction! A big shout out to my UK peeps for supporting my books! You gals are the dog’s bollock’s…in a good way! ;-) Thank you all again for all the support! Without you, I couldn’t do what I do! :-D

Get Stepbrother Obsessed now:

Amazon UK

And for the yanks, get it on:

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Stepbrother Obsessed is on Kindle Unlimited, so if you have KU, you can read it free!!


Stepbrother Obsessed – SNEAK PEAK – Chapter 1

StepBrother Obsessesd SNEAK-01

Stepbrother Obsessed by Devon Hartford

The Stepbrother Obsessed SNEAK PEAK of Chapter 1 will only be available via my mailing list. If you’re already signed up, you’ll receive an email today, March 4th, at 12pm PST.

If you are not signed up for my mailing list and want to receive the SNEAK PEAK you can click the blue and white SIGN UP button at the top of the right side column of this page, or follow this link:

Stepbrother Obsessed will release on March 15th (or sooner)!!


LAST CHANCE For the old BADASS Victory RUN Cover!!

VR Old Cover Ad-01

Victory RUN Old Cover LAST CHANCE 

As you all know, the PRINT EDITION of Victory RUN is getting a Facelift. While I love the new cover, I think this old cover is totally badass and reflects the Los Angeles nightlife vibe of Victory RUN that is near and dear to my heart.

If you want a copy of the old cover that we all know and love, now is your chance.

In 12 hours, at 7:00pm PST, I will upload the new cover for Victory RUN, at which time the cover you see pictured here will be gone forever.

I have no more giveaway copies. I just have one copy I’m keeping for myself.

If you would like to own this version with this cover, order it now.

In 12 hours, it goes bye-bye.

The clock is ticking…….