Stepbrother Obsessed – AVAILABLE NOW – on Amazon

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6 thoughts on “Stepbrother Obsessed – AVAILABLE NOW – on Amazon

  1. I finished Stepbrother Obsessed (it was awesome by the way) and after reading the scene with Romeo and Kamiko it made want to re-read everything else so I did. After each of the series you asked us to tell you if we want more, here’s my answer: I Want more, I NEED more. Of. Everyone! (Sam and Christ’s) (Skye and Dante) (Victory and Kellan) and of course (Romeo and Kamiko).
    P. S. Love the Cars!😀

    • Melissa! :-D You rock! :-D I’m so glad you enjoyed Stepbrother Obsessed and the Romeo & Kamiko cameo! :-D That’s awesome you went back to the other books! Yes, the cars abound in all the books. :-D Thanks for writing (and reading)! Devon

  2. I loved this book .. i just started on the Victory run series & cant wait to read it all .. Love the cameo of Romeo & Kamiko.. & I would LOVE more on Skye & Dante .. Sam & Christos .. & the rest of the gang 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    • Thank you so much, Katie! Have fun with Victory RUN! There will be more Skye and Dante this summer, and something from Sam & Christos and the gang this fall! :-D Thanks for writing! :-D Devon

  3. I loved this Book! I especially loved the extra scenes that I would expect a female writer wouldn’t write all pertaining to Dante, his cockiness and or his man’s mind, thoughts and or actions. As well as his big heart, his tenderness and teaching moments… and I’m not talking mathematical tutoring… ;) ;)

    The sign of a good book, once completing you want to go find all the ‘Great Parts’ and re-read them yet again. No matter how many times you turned that page back originally reading them over and over before moving forward. You don’t disappoint…this book has so many of those re-readable ‘Great Parts’.

    I can’t wait to find and read your other books; I hope to see this same style of writing…

    • Thank you so much! :-D I’m so glad you enjoyed Stepbrother Obsessed, and all the man scenes showcasing Dante’s cockiness. ;-) I’m flattered that you’ve enjoyed the story as much as you have and it means a lot that my characters came alive for you as they did for me while writing it. My other books definitely have a similar writing style. Start withy Fearless, The Story of Samantha Smith #1. It’s FREE on iBooks and Amazon right now! :-D Thanks for writing! :-D Devon

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