LAST CHANCE For the old BADASS Victory RUN Cover!!

VR Old Cover Ad-01

Victory RUN Old Cover LAST CHANCE 

As you all know, the PRINT EDITION of Victory RUN is getting a Facelift. While I love the new cover, I think this old cover is totally badass and reflects the Los Angeles nightlife vibe of Victory RUN that is near and dear to my heart.

If you want a copy of the old cover that we all know and love, now is your chance.

In 12 hours, at 7:00pm PST, I will upload the new cover for Victory RUN, at which time the cover you see pictured here will be gone forever.

I have no more giveaway copies. I just have one copy I’m keeping for myself.

If you would like to own this version with this cover, order it now.

In 12 hours, it goes bye-bye.

The clock is ticking…….